Adventure Therapy

  • Create, experience, and reconnect with your identity as you connect with the natural beauty found in Utah’s unique landscape.
  • Build your money and time management, your critical thinking, as well as your cultural and historical knowledge while becoming familiar with Utah’s museums, stores, and sights.
  • Challenge and change your body, spirit, and mind as you test, plan, and tackle obstacles as an individual and as a group.

Adventure therapy is the oldest form therapy, and arguably the oldest form of medicine. Picture yourself standing on the summit of a mountain. Hear the wind, see the grand overlook, and feel the empowerment that comes with knowing you climbed this mountain; this is adventure therapy.

Our environment and culture not only tends to isolate us from nature, it prevents us from using the collection of information mankind has developed so that we can come to understand new and different cultures. Copper Sage partners with an adventuring company as well as local businesses allowing our clients to experience multiple outings which include snowshoeing, hiking, store and museum visits, nature walks, and survival education all dependent on season and availability.