Multiple Paths of Recovery

Copper Sage recognizes multiple methods leading to successful recovery. Therefore, each client will experience a balance of new and old recovery approaches including Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and 12-Step. So far there has yet to be one approach to addiction recovery that will work for everyone. People follow different paths into a sober life and what works for one person might not work for somebody else. A one size fits all approach, is generally when there is a push towards everyone following the same approach to recovery.That approach has widely been proven as ineffective. Some people may only have one attempt at recovery and if pushed towards a path of recovery that does not suit them it may be a wasted opportunity. If someone is guided into a recovery path that is uncomfortable for them, they may decide that recovery is not for them. The wrong recovery path can even be damaging to an individual. This is particularly true if a person has a dual-diagnosis. If people are directed towards inappropriate options it could be a waste of resources.

SMART Recovery

  • Based in evidence-backed scientific principles, SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) Recovery focuses on motivation building, coping with urges, problem solving, and lifestyle balance.
  • Families and peers of clients are strongly encouraged to try SMART Family & Friends. This online and face-to-face program provides support and education on codependency, addiction, and recovery specific to those effected by a loved one’s substance use.

Refuge Recovery

  • This mindfulness-based recovery method uses Eastern philosophy as the foundation of the recovery process. Emphasis is placed on knowledge, empathy, and awareness means for overcoming causes of addiction. Clients come to understand the impact of personal and interpersonal suffering brought on by addiction.


  • 12-step treatment is an active engagement method focusing on acceptance, surrender, and involvement in meetings. This traditional approach is offered in communities around the world, and because of its wide acceptance and availability, Copper Sage sees the 12-step approach as a highly useful tool to be familiar with.
  • Individuals who are interested in supporting our clients through recovery based in 12-step should try Al-Anon or Alateen for younger individuals. These programs emphasize the effects of addiction including low self-esteem, possible trauma, and blame.