Equine Therapy

  • Conquer your fears, improve your motivation, calm intense emotions, and have fun riding our beautiful horses under the instruction of our skilled trainer.
  • Connect with the present moment and develop responsibility, perseverance, and positive attitude as you care for and gain insight into the mind of the horses.
  • Improve you muscle tone, balance, coordination, back, and core in new powerful ways in order to lead, control, and influence the horses in a variety of maneuvers.
Equine therapy works heavily by balancing the body and mind. Awareness of tension, fear, anger, and pain within the rider allows them to lessen and release unwanted experiences to better connect with the horse. Various exercises are used to stimulate different body areas, organs or muscle groups. Each client is treated according to their unique history and symptoms. The client learns to trust and lead the horse through attending to and observing the horse as well as providing rewards and other external stimuli. During the stay, clients will have the opportunity to complete several exercises led by our equine trainer focused on introspection, esteem, and self-regulation.