Individualized Care

Copper Sage Recovery recognizes that each client is truly unique and therefore requires treatment specified to the individual. From groups and individual sessions you will experience, to diet and exercise, to the locations you’ll travel to, your treatment will celebrate your uniqueness.

Treatment incorporates all aspects of the individual; not just addiction, but behavior, mental, physical, and relational health, as well as the spirit. This is completed by addressing personal and interpersonal health through principles of perception, identity, and growth. We examine behaviors and conditions through the eyes of the observer, and through the eyes of the person exhibiting the behavior.

One-On-One and Group Therapy

Using a large variety of groups, we effectively allow our clients to get back in touch with previously lost skills and interests while creating a new and ideal sense of self using challenging experiences, values, and insights.

Every week, each client sees their master or doctoral level therapist twice. In these sessions, clients will heal past injuries, develop future goals, and will alter present behaviors and unwanted experiences. Each therapist is highly trained and experienced in the treatment of substance use disorders as well as trauma, and consults with our full program and clinical staffs to support growth and success in recovery.

Recovery Management and Aftercare

One of the first people our clients will meet upon entering our facility is their assigned recovery manager. They assist each client from the start of treatment to develop and implement a plan supporting recovery after discharging from Copper Sage Recovery. Recovery Managers assist in planning from areas of finances, relationship, legal concerns, housing, self-care, recovery meetings, to future therapy sessions.

Copper Sage Recovery partners with several outpatient facilities and practitioners to assist our clients upon discharge from residential treatment. Having these steps planned with our clients has been demonstrated to improve consistent recovery and overall wellbeing.

Alumni meetings will be offered monthly to assist in developing and maintaining therapeutically healthy relationships with members of the recovery community. These meetings will provide supports, service opportunities, and reflection as well as sponsoring and mentoring.

Our Method

The treatment at Copper Sage is uniquely impacting through its use of multiple individual and group therapies with experiential, powerful, and hands-on life skill development. Therapy is specifically designed to build capabilities commonly impaired by addiction including executive functioning, awareness, joy, patience, motivation, and productivity. Treatment emphasizes healing in family, couple, peer, and professional relationships through skill group discussions, conflict resolution, and communication-focused exercises.

Clients at Copper Sage Recovery experience enjoyable and challenging activities in and outside the facility designed to improve health and insight through action and reflection: equine therapy, yoga, meditations, hikes, museum visits, cooking, fine arts, etc. Education will be presented hands-on allowing clients to plan, prepare, and complete various tasks including cooking and meal planning as well as outings and process meetings.