Proven Approach

Copper Sage Recovery offers a proven effective approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment using modern research-backed techniques. Our approach  is a reinvention of the the therapeutic process. Copper Sage is designed to help you address addiction intimately and sincerely. The size and limited number of clients  assure you the attention you need and deserve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Group Therapy

We address the three most important elements of life and happiness:

The Body. Upon arrival you will have a complete medical assessment with blood work to determine the extent of physical condition. With the input of the medical director and the nutritionist, a regimen of vitamins, diet and exercise is developed for each client to start the healing process for the body.

The Mind. You will meet with your Licensed Mental Counselor and other counseling staff to implement a strategy for your future in recovery while healing wounds from the past. Participation in individual, group, and recovery management meetings will provide you with knowledge, empowerment, and motivation to reenter the world with a newfound identity.

The Spirit. Through inner reflection, meditation and spiritual guidance, Copper Sage Recovery assists you in finding new purpose and committing to more powerful and inspiring goals.
After completing your stay at Copper Sage Recovery, you will begin recovery on solid footing. The body healthy, the mind clear, and spirit rejuvenated.


Key points about Copper Sage Recovery:

  • Privacy is top priority.
  • Medical Director on call 24-7.
  • Focus on physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • One to one counseling with Licensed Mental Health Counselors.
  • Program designed specifically for each individual. (not “one size fits all”)
  • Small group sessions.
  • Positive, empowering, respectful atmosphere.
  • Yoga, Life Skill Training, Expressive therapies
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Combination of Smart Recovery, 12-Step, and Refuge Recovery
  • Home-like environment, in a neighborhood location, not isolation.
  • Medical assessment, treatment program, counseling, meals, accommodations, and many activities are all included.